Aged 2007 Twitter with 21k Followers

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  • Twitter account with 21000 folllowers
  • Aged account, created in 2007
  • Organic followers, very few followings
  • Includes email login credentials


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Followed by American TV Host Ellen DeGeneres as well as other notable pages, with very few followings and all old contents fully cleaned. This account is perfectly prepped for use for any purpose.

The account was created in June 2007, just a year after Twitter was founded. This means it is less likely to be perceived as a spam or fake account, earning greater credibility and trust from its followers.

Therefore, if you are trying to gain a good following or build your brand presence quickly on Twitter, buying this could be just what you need. It already has a decent amount of quality followers from top tier countries

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Key Features

Aged account
Celebrity follows
Organic Followers

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